Friday, July 10, 2009

Chiasm at the Ritz - Warren, MI

Performed with local bands, D:konstruct and Robot Says No. This venue is first and foremost for rock bands, but we took a stab at it as an electronic show with several acts, and had a good time amongst friends. It looks like there may be more local collaboration ahead, so keep an eye out. Always fun to play! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Chiasm at Luna - Royal Oak, MI

It was a pleasure to finally perform at Luna after having attended their fabulous dance nights so many times over the years! Also, the plethora of flat screens allowed me to present my stage video in a manner never before seen, and it was really fun to perform and watch at the same time! We played with local friends D:konstruct, which was a great time as well.. I hope for many more show experiences such as this one!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


JACOBY'S (German Biergarten), jac.313 upstairs DETROIT, MI

We performed live with friends OPPFOR opening, another band had to leave last minute, which was unfortunate, but left a more intimate setting for the crowd which i enjoy. I was ecstatic to play here again since it was the venue of two of my early shows with the Detroit Electronica Coalition in '99 and '00, so there was a big nostalgia factor for me there. We arrived early and took advantage of the awesome beer selection downstairs before loading in, or i should say "loading up" the steep staircase to the stage upstairs.

OPPFOR's set was what I like to call "military industrial", it was dancy and stompy and reminded me a lot of Threat Level 5 with some awesome props and glowing sticks as they saluted their way through the playlist. They're playing again on November 5 at the Elbow Room in Ypsilanti and I will be there with bells on.

I tried out some different equipment during my set than in the past, and I'd say it worked out pretty well, i brought the 505 for the D-beam and perhaps used it a little too much since I was giddy it was there. And I skipped the special vocal delay settings for each track and went with the harmonizer instead which I'll do again. I think I'm realizing that my shows are as much about experimenting for me as they are performing..i may be singing my heart out to the audience, but that mental processor is always churning inside. :)

My mic went out in the middle of the last song, "Fight", but made for an awesome stage performance, since it was a small room i just continued without it like a maniac and still managed to be heard, people loved it and it made for a climactic ending indeed!

Until next time,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Labyrinth in Detroit 7.7.7!

The show went great, it was the first time we'd tried using a projector for the video imagery and I love how it looked, really super! I also did submixing from the stage with some new equipment which worked out very well, especially since the venue was sans soundguy and a friend stepped in to do his best. I got a great reaction from the audience that attended, and it was also fun to see Attrition and High Blue Star again who were fabulous as always! The lighting was pretty low to accomodate the projector, so most of the pics turned out where I have multiple heads..

Monday, September 18, 2006

show at Mephisto's!

I'm still pretty excited about the show we played at Mephisto's in Detroit on Saturday night, and it's a good two days later, I guess that says something. The evening started out in a slight panic, we were only what should have been 40 minutes away from the venue when we realized I-94 was shut down for construction between Michigan Ave and Livernois..the backup was literally the worst I have ever seen. We sat in what felt like a never ending parking lot for nearly 2 hours, then once we finally reached an exit, visited likely the worst bathroom in the midwest. It was actually traumatizing, the state of it. And then, as only Michigan would do, the "detour" to the next open stretch of the freeway was also under construction, down to one lane, also a parking lot, in one of the worst areas of Detroit. Somehow we made it to the venue around 10:30, well after doors were opened, and I was shocked to find the place was standing room-only. Amazed. And so many people instantly were ready to help us load in, get soundchecked and on by 11. The show itself was short since we were opening, and the stage was super small, for the first time I noticed whenever I moved I was elbowing the guitarist, so I jumped out ahead of the monitors quite a bit. The environment was pretty intimate, though so it worked well regardless. Really, once we were there, it felt like the coolest thing ever to be among so many interesting and interested people. There were so many faces I recognized just from online profiles and friends of friends as well as people I knew personally and hadn't seen for a while. It was great seeing Cruciform Injection again, as well as Hypodermic who had set up the venue for us. The support was just overwhelming, and I hope to have more shows like it. :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

ElectroFest 2.0

Friday, May 5, 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Alchemize bar with ElectroFest 2.0

Yay, a fun show!
Our video system actually worked this time (yeeha!) and once the sound guy fixed the mic feedback, we had a great time on stage! It was a super night overall, I got to meet plenty of interesting people and see Hungry Lucy and Bloodwire again (see Detroit last year). Kindel from Liquefaction was also cool enough to stop by for our set even though she was playing in a different venue at the festival, and she's adorable! I also found a few new fans that hadn't heard my music before, so that always makes me happy. The night was organized to raise money for the Save the Animals Foundation which contributes to a no-kill animal shelter in the city, apparently they have like 500 cats to feed, so as a reminder, please spay or neuter your pets...please! (but not yourself, take them to someone professional, yes?) anyhow.. Overall a very cool night, the guys opening for us had a giant robot for a drummer and panels of singing fish, also on the way out we gave a begger a copy of the Milkshake cover, so maybe the hood of Cincinnati will all become Chiasm fans now, entertainment at its best!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Sunday, April 16, 2006 in Pontiac, MI
Clutch Cargo's iLounge with 8MM and many more

Wow, and ok. Still recovering from the long night as I post this, got some video for some stills, etc., so I'll get them up asap. Where to begin? I had really expected the night to be chaotic, and it fit the description pretty well, some pretty cool things mixed with some minor annoyances but nothing too difficult to recover from in the big picture. A cool thing: I was greeted early in the evening by the coordinator of a really cool podcast called ZALDOR'S WORLD who brought in all his interview gear, and we recorded a bit between sets at the merch table, cool guy too, you should check it out! There were also several fans who introduced themselves after hearing my music on the Vampire:The Masquerade-"Bloodlines" game there to check things out and show their support, so it was great to know some new Chiasm fans could make it to Pontiac for the evening! Minor annoyances included an unanticipated 7 bands on one stage, no organization or even an introduction from the promoter, no soundcheck, no sound GUY, a sub-standard sound system (which btw wasn't physically in the building until after doors were supposed to open) and our VCR decided to stop working just as we took the stage. On a good note, we ROCKED the house down regardless, we had awesome dancing fans that threw goats that hooted, hollered and had a great time, I had two very dynamic guitarists on stage, one who managed to buy himself a beer during the set (impressive!), and I was thoroughly entertained while performing. So YAY, that's what it's about, right? See you in Cincinnati!

Monday, February 27, 2006

the Coach and Horses

Saturday, February 25, 2006 in Windsor, Ontario Canada
at the Coach and Horses with NOT_digital

This was our first trip to Canada since our gig in Montreal, and although a much shorter drive, border issues were still a concern. Luckily, on the way in, they just waved us through, which allowed a great sigh of relief, at least we could stay on schedule for the evening. Our first stop was the CJAM studio to do a radio interview with Pete Kopcheck for his Mind Over Acid show. The local band hosting our show that evening, NOT_digital, was there as well, a couple of friendly guys that much reminded me of people i'm happy to know well. Although Pete insisted he won top prize for "worst interviewer ever", as I say we're always impressed to do an interview where we don't have to pull the mic out of a seat cushion, and he did a fine job as well. Hopefully the recording will be up in their archives at:

We had an hour to kill between the interview and soundcheck, so we headed downtown. It was a cold and blistery evening, dark already at 7pm, and those that know Windsor know it's infamous for the influx of college students flooding across the border to drink legally a few years early, so there was very limited parking. We stopped a ways off from our venue and started wandering, and I was a little freaked out to find my face staring back at me from nearly every store window within a 4 block radius..the NOT_digital guys had done an exceptional job of postering the city with the flyer for our show. We stopped in one of Windsor's fine establishments for a little ambience and tourism entertainment before heading back to Coach and Horses where NOT_digital greeted us and we unloaded our equipment.

I've always liked the Coach and Horses, it's a really old venue, and the basement used to be a classic pub from way back with lanterns and brick and fireplaces and all, so it sets a great mood for an intimate show. It was however pretty much a do-it-yourself venture as far as sound, we learned that one member of NOT_digital worked in a printing shop (hence all the posters) and the other worked in a music store, providing the needed sound equipment for the show, so they were our sound guys and we played it by ear. Luckily, we brought plenty of lights along as well and shared them with the opening act to get things rolling. We had our merch table pretty near the stage, so I was glad to have nearly front-row seats to NOT_digital's performance, mostly down-tempo industrial-influenced trip-hop, really ambient with neat noises. I was pretty geeked out they had one of those midi guitars plugged into an MS2000, which was awesome to see in action. They also did a cover of Genesis's "Land of Confusion" which rocked, i was singing along and had lots of fun with that.

It was nearly 1am when we played, and still a good crowd remained, I was impressed also with the number of people that had shown up even before 10pm to hear us and stayed to the very end of the night. Dedicated fans! :) Aside from some expected sound issues, I really enjoyed performing that evening..I finally did Prefrontal live, which was pretty intense to do all that screaming, then head back for a softly melodic track afterwards, but it worked out great. I also did the Detroit (my) remix of "Seed" from my sideproject with Louis Diaz of TL5 called BioMod, so that meant a lot to me as well. We had some good friends show up for the show, which made the night all the more enjoyable, one had an HD-video camera with him too, so hopefully we'll get some footage to show you! Thanks to everyone who came out, I hope you had a blast :)

Monday, October 31, 2005


Saturday, October 29, 2005 in Cleveland OH
At the Phantasy w/Razed in Black, MMTM, and Fr/action

Great show! I love playing Cleveland. It's like home but still an adventure. The show was put on by CABLE productions, who we were previously familiar with from the Motorpop:2 show in 2003, and our favorite sound guy, "Creep", was at the controls. Our set sounded incredible! This was also the first show I've played with an awful cold, so it was a slightly different experience on stage, but we had a video camera set up offside the stage, and from listening to that, I can actually say I sounded better than I expected. Whether it was the bag of cough drops I ate beforehand or the gallon of water I consumed, I'm not sure, but I may keep this in mind for future reference.  A bunch of kids were wearing helmets and glowsticks (they're forgiven, it was halloween) and came out and started dancing. That's also when I accidentally stepped on my vocal effects controller pedal while at my keyboard and effectively switched it to the "Monster" sound which is a crazy 2-octave down pitchshifter, which I noticed right away and switched back, but it broke my stage fright for good and the performance was crazy fun after that. Ended the set with the Milkshake cover which went over great, suddenly the club was alive and moving! Yay for fun! A band from Pittsburgh named Fr/action opened for us, which I loved and hope to see again..reminded me of a robotic Buck Rodgers, sci-fi discotechque style! And our friends MMTM played, cool as always, as well as Razed in Black which are truly rock stars. We drove back to Detroit the same night, clocks switched back so we could pretend we were home an hour early. Forward and onward! Photos here!

Monday, May 09, 2005

my first post

Hey everybody,
I just noticed that some other bands have been using this blog site as a tour diary, and I think it's a great idea! So even though I have yet to plan an extended tour, I figured I'd create and use this area to remind myself and share with the rest of you some of my experiences with past shows. I hope you enjoy!

Also, feel free to visit the offical Chiasm website at:

Thank you for your support!

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Labyrinth w/ Hungry Lucy and Bloodwire

May 2005: The Labyrinth: Detroit, MI
Loved this show!!! I got to see Hungry Lucy again and finally met Bloodwire, both of which performed awesome sets as usual! Picked up the new Bloodwire album, and although "Relinquish" is still my favorite track of theirs, "Accusations" has been in my head since last Friday (make that for five days now). The turnout was a little sparse, likely because A23 was playing there the following night, but we still had a great time and saw a few people that had travelled a ways to see us. Photos are here!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Labyrinth w/ Backspace

January 2005: The Labyrinth : Detroit, MI
We played this show in the middle of a giant snowstorm! In fact, we had our gear packed up and everyting, got on the expressway, and wondered whether to even risk going considering the number of spinouts in the ditch, but we knew people were traveling a ways to see us and figured we'd better show up, so we did. And luckily, we did have an audience! We played with our local friends, Backspace, who pulled off a great set despite the lead singer somehow being impaled in the leg with a piece of metal during load-in, and it was my first time performing quite a few tracks off the new album, "Relapse", which was fun for me. I was pleased with how the night went, and hope the roads stay clear for the next show!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Small's Bar

June 2004: Small's Bar: Hamtramack, MI
This is what I like to call a "live drum venue", a place best suited for some live drum action, which we did not have. However, we did have a cowboy hat with bullhorns and TWO live guitarists! So it was all good. :) We opened for our awesome friends Firewerk, which really are Detroit's version of Rammstein, just as good or better, and they have an awesome song about Crickets that will rock your socks! (my favorite)! So there you have it. We did the infamous Milkshake cover, so much fun was had, and the turnout was sweet considering it was Hamtramack. yeah!

Monday, May 31, 2004

Movement '04

March 2004: Hart Plaza: Detroit, MI
This is the only outdoor show we've ever had, and we managed to pull it off with a great turnout, and luckily no rain during our set! It was on Memorial Day in 2004, at a free all ages 3-day electronic festival in downtown Detroit. I also remember meeting Bogart from Epsilon Minus, who put on a pretty cool DJ set. Our stage was facing the Detroit River, and it was a pretty awesome view to have while singing on stage! It was also the longest set I've ever done, over an hour long with several cover tracks, and a very diverse crowd, however I recognized most of my audience from the clubs, support which was great to see. What I'll never forget is that someone specifically requested I do "Bouncing Baby Clones" which I hadn't done in a while, and I used this really booming vocal effect, and my first growl into it sent half the park running to the was kind of scary but quite the spectacle! Overall a great experience I wouldn't mind repeating!

Friday, October 31, 2003


October 2003: The Phantasy: Cleveland, OH
For some reason, I have been unable to find a single photo of our set from this show.. out of character, we forgot to bring the video camera. This show was also the night before my brother's wedding, so although we'd been offered a better spot on one of the stages, we offered to play as early as possible. Our soundguy, also known as "Creep", was impeccible. If we could afford to capture and bring him to every show, we would. Amazing. Anyhow, the set was awesome, the crowd was awesome, I did catch some of E-Craft and Terrorfakt's sets, which I loved, and we saw F38 and Cruciform Injection again, who are super, so it was an all around good night despite having to leave early. I did manage to get to the church on time and in good fashion the next day, so rock on!!

Friday, October 03, 2003

Club X-Cel in Lansing, MI

October 2003: Club X-Cel: Lansing, MI
We opened for the Cruxshadows on an awesome, well lit stage, in a great venue with lots of people! woo-hoo! I do recall almost electrocuting myself with the lightbox I have attached to my microphone, luckily the box had a little circuit breaker in it that saved me, but so much for the mic lights during the show, which weren't really needed with the great lighting the venue had anyhow. The lovely Ms. Jen Jeffery took lots of great photos which can be found here. We had just gotten a bunch of t-shirts in stock, so I remember selling quite a few of those. The Cruxshadows put on a great show as usual, and despite the rain and a minor car incident, so did we. :)

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Alvin's in Detroit w/ A23

December 2002: Alvin's : Detroit, MI
Um, wow, Wow, WOW.....
that's about all I can say here.
We opened for Assemblage 23 and Cruciform Injection, both bands were great to talk to and had super performances.. We had a HUGE stage and AWESOME intelligent lighting, and room to run around and be energetic, and the crowd was incredible. I had a guitarist as well as a bassist on stage with me to keep things interesting. It was just amazing, and I hope to have that sort of experience again, because it makes the show all that much more fun to do. YAY!

Friday, November 29, 2002

To Montreal And Back

November 2002: Club Saphir : Montreal, Quebec
I'm pretty sure this was the furthest we had ever driven for a show, and it was well worth it! Our friend Von tagged along, and we got an early start across the border in Detroit around 5am, they just waved us through. So far so good. And then it started to snow. And snow, and snow, and hail, and sleet, and slip and slide down the highway. The Rev's impeccible driving skills got us past many vehicles in the ditch, and we made it to Montreal from Detroit in time for soundcheck that evening. We also discovered that most people in Montreal do not speak English, and five years of German wasn't helping. :) Luckily a friend of our promoter spoke nearly perfect English, we also met a very helpful and beautiful girl named Gwelf that made sure we had everything in order..she met us at a coffeehouse down the street while they got the building unlocked for us.

So, Club Saphir was located in a nice downtown shopping area, and the venue was up a few flights of stairs with no elevator..I recall using the fire escape to get the bulk of our stuff in and out, but it really became a non-issue with all the assistance they gave us. Soundcheck went more smoothly than usual, and we were the only act headlining during a regular club night, so it was just a matter of getting the night rolling. Aside from the language barrier, it was an awesome show..I really wish I could have understood more of what people were saying to me. Oh, and I also met the guys from Headscan, which was a treat..I had seen them play in Detroit recently and really enjoy their sound. We stayed at the promoter's loft that evening, and I was shocked to discover they had Chiasm stickers from 1998 on their fact it was their roommate's who they'd just met, so it was a neat coincidence. Overall we decided it was a great trip and are considering maybe taking a train out the next time..we wanted to venture into the city a bit more but needed to be back to work Monday morning.

On the way back, we spent the night in Toronto, and made sure to hit the Savage Garden while we were there..and were recognized! I met DJ Todd from Real Synthetic Audio in person (finally) and some other people showed us around to some after parties as well, was a great welcome, and we'll definately have to come back to play! Minor search at the border on the way back, but we had nothing to hide, so it was all good. Oh, Canada!

Saturday, October 26, 2002

The Venue

October 2002: The Venue: Howell, MI
This show was actually a Halloween party at a friend's house, who throws events so often that it's been termed "the Venue". We decided to get a little experimental with the set, did several new cover tracks and also a live abstract conglomeration of the tracks Cold and Isolated mixed together with some noise by our friend Verzerren. It turned out pretty awesome, and I picked up some new local fans in the process. The thing in my hand in the picture is my toy light-up robot vocoder megaphone, fun stuff!

Saturday, September 28, 2002

SYNFEST at the Phantasy

September 2002: The Phantasy : Cleveland, OH
Synfest was an electronic music festival in Cleveland in 2002, and there were two stages for people to wander between while everything went on..there was a pretty good variety of electronic to go around, and I remember that Hungry Lucy, State of Being, and Indoria played also but my memory is starting to fade for the rest. I also recall that this was when my bassist starting his amazing t-shirt transformation tradition, where if there are other bands with t-shirts available playing with us, he likes to layer them on and remove them one by one during the set to give everyone some ad space as well as to create some "who's this band?" confusion..all in good fun! Quite a few people from the Detroit Electronica Coalition were also there to promote, and some good connections were may very well also be where the "Detroit - Cleveland Hotel Invasion" phenomenon first occured, but I know it's happened again, especially when Kompressor came around. Chiasm loves Cleveland!!

Saturday, August 31, 2002

The Labyrinth: Radio-Active

August 2002: The Labyrinth : Detroit, MI
Rule of thumb# x00005: Never drink something served to you on fire, especially when you're planning to be on stage..

We'll just say that my bassist was temporarily incapacitated and unable to play the show..however, by some miracle, another musician that has played with us before was in attendance, and promptly stepped in for him. It was pretty cool, really.
The night was long and sparse, and we played last, which I generally don't like doing, but the whole show was for a good cause, so it was worth it to be there. The "Radio-Active" name was in place to promote awareness of Internet Radio for the non-profit purpose of promoting unsigned and independent music, so it was all good.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

The Labyrinth w/ Psyche

June 2002: The Labyrinth: Detroit, MI
We went in knowing it was going to be a long night with four bands on one stage, so again, we offered to play first. It really did turn out for the best, however, because soundcheck ran on, delaying doors, and we started around 11:30 which was perfect for the crowd. It was a packed venue, dark, smokey, and intense! I remember using a distortion pedal with my vocals which is uncommon for me, but it really kicked up the energy for the show. Awesome! It was also fun to see the Azoic again, our friends Backspace, and to finally see Psyche for the first was really late by the time they hit the stage, but they put on an energetic performance nonetheless. Great night!

Sunday, August 12, 2001

The Haunt

August 2001: The Haunt : Digital Infection : Ithaca, NY
This was the first time I had ever driven to New York, and it was quite the road trip. I believe we took a detour and got "not lost", but saw lots and lots of beautiful countryside before we figured out where we were supposed to be. We drove underneath the lake instead of cutting through Canada to avoid any border issues, and met my brother (DJ Chris Rohn) and his fiance out there who were visiting Buffalo for a drum corp competition(?). Anyhow, we all made it. And the venue is awesome! It looked like quite a few well known bands have played there over the years, and was decorated in a pretty spooky manner, there was a deck out back and high ceilings and all that..really nice. There was also plenty of stage lighting which most of my shows lack..we usually go with the "shadows in the smoke" thing, but this was a great opportunity to get some brighter photos. You can find more on the Chiasm shows page. We had a decent turnout and enjoyed our stay..I recall our hotel room had flies on the ceiling, but why ask why?

Saturday, June 16, 2001

The Berlin Nightclub

June 2001: The Berlin Nightclub: Chicago, IL
Yep, we were an hour early because of the time change:) But better early than late, I suppose..we can thank The Rev for that, he's good at being on time. We were promptly greeted by our promoters for the show, who I recall as being wonderful people, especially a girl called Angel, and she really was. We brought an opening band with us from Detroit, and the owner of the venue was running behind, so they were kind enough to walk us down the street to an incredible pub we returned to the next day, and I think another time while visiting as well.. The nightclub really was a dance club, unlike any venue we'd played in before, there wasn't a designated stage, but rather some narrow platforms around the ceiling posts to stand on which made for a really involved performance. They had all sorts of tv monitors mounted to the ceiling, which they let us run our stage video through, so it made for a pretty cool atmosphere, and I think it was the only time I've been able to watch it while I performed, which I enjoyed quite a bit. The place was packed, and we really were surrounded by the the audience! Lots, and lots of dancing was very cool. Chicago is a city I could live in..

Sunday, June 03, 2001

The Blind Pig

June 2001: The Blind Pig: Ann Arbor, MI
We had a LOT of fun at this show.
Note the rockin' banjo in effect. We also had on matching glow-in-the-dark pants, no joke! :) Our friends Esion had asked us to open for them in this college bar, and the turnout was great, I also remember doing my cover of Major Tom completely in German, so that was a good time. Esion did their legendary cover of "Momma Said Knock You Out", and I think the Faint was a little confused, but all in good fun.

Friday, October 27, 2000

The Millvale Industrial Theatre

October 2000: The Millvale Industrial Theatre: Graveyard Y2K: Pittsburgh, PA
This venue was fun to find..aside from the awesome geographical landscape of Pittsburgh (think 3-D, not 2-D), the theatre really was in an industrial park.
We were playing with Breathless, who was from England, as well as two local acts, and due to some flight scheduling we wound up playing last.. it felt like 3am even if it wasn't, but amazingly people did stay to hear our set. Luckily there were much needed couches for seating, and again, the sights outside were just mounds and mounds of scrap metal..I did wander about out there in the dark for a bit between sets, really a very unique place to play. I would like to go back to Pittsburgh again!!

Friday, March 31, 2000

Jacoby's German Biergarten

March 2000: Jacoby's German Biergarten : Detroit, MI
So, we knew not to bring the smoke machine to this venue again, and we had a pretty decent turnout as well..this was around the time of the Diva x Machina 3 release, so there was some buzz going around and I suppose a good number of curious folk about. We put on a good show, and again, with the DEC arranging it all, were well surrounded by friends. And the german beer didn't hurt. :)

Friday, December 10, 1999

Griff's Grill

December 1999: Griff's Grill: Pontiac, MI
As a rule of thumb, electro in a grill is a bit of an odd combination.
The crowd was actually ok, they had set up a stage upstairs from the regular "grill" area, but the soundguy was really unaccustomed to what all the acts there that evening had going. We did our best to give it that noise edge and call it a night. Loading in up the narrow stairwell was interesting, but I had plenty of help at the venue which I was grateful for. One of the other acts, 4FR, brought a cool sci-fi film on a projector to run through the night behind us, which worked out awesome. I also recall meeting someone who reviewed my demo Embryonic and did a short interview afterwards. The crowd was very supportive, several friends had showed up, shows are best played in good company.

Friday, October 08, 1999

The Eastsider Saloon

October 1999: The Eastsider Saloon: Flint, MI
The owner of the venue was great to us, several friends travelled up to witness the spectacle, and we brought some opening acts with us, one in particular with the largest light show in a small space that one could possibly was like Ezekiel and the whole UFO thing.  I'm sure the guys that came from across the street at the Ford Trucking Plant weren't expecting what they heard, but it all worked out.  My guitarists entertained them with some Skynyrd during soundcheck.

Friday, September 03, 1999

Jacoby's German Biergarten

September 1999 : Jacoby's German Biergarten : Detroit, MI>
This venue was interesting, because it was pretty much a German restaurant on the first level, then the upstairs, which we played in, was set up with a small bar and not much of a permanent stage..I recall members of the DEC bringing in their own P.A. and such to do the show, but it all went well in the end..except for the firetrucks that showed up because of our smoke machine:)

Friday, May 07, 1999

The Pharoh's Golden Cup

May 1999: Pharoh's : Westland, MI
CHIASM w/ the Detroit Electronica Coalition
This was an all ages show with several acts from the Detroit Electronica Coalition, put together to help promote our first compilation CD, "D[elEcTROnIc]T".
Notice the "Detroit" in caps along with the funny spelled name for the album, how we came up with that one I'm not sure, but I think the name has stuck for 3 volumes now. Anyhow, it was a long night, and most of the people at the show were other musicians from the coalition that were also performing, but it was cool to meet everyone and hear their sets. Since it was an all ages club, many of us wandered back and forth to the bar next door during the breaks which made for an entertaining evening. The heel of my boot broke off on stage, and I had two guitarists again, so it was another fairly aggressive performance:) good times.

Monday, December 07, 1998

The Gold Dollar

I'm not necessarily remembering things in order, so we'll see if we can rearrange later. In the meantime, we'll pretend we're in a time traveling worm hole and jump around a bit. :)

December 1998: The Gold Dollar: Detroit, MI
In my mind, this show is famous for the awesomeist live version of "Bouncing Baby Clones" ever!! I had two live guitarists at this show, and really the whole set was bordering on dark metal with electronic noise. WAY FUN!!!!!!! Someday I'll find a place to upload the video of that track so you can all see. This is also the show where the Prophecy's cord got caught in the Superfly (rotating light) and circled the stage a bit, and I did much rolling around on the floor while screaming. Like I said, ROCK ON!

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Ascension UK

November 1998: Ascension UK : Detroit, MI
This was a great show at a great venue in Detroit, basically it was a gothic coffeehouse that many of us would hang out at most nights of the week to hear great music and see some shows. So it was almost like a family event to do a CD release show here, and I remember just feeling surrounded by love and support. This is also the venue at which I met Bryan (see the guitarist in the photo), so its memories hold a special place in my heart. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

The First Chiasm Show Ever

October 1998: The Labyrinth : Detroit, MI
The very first Chiasm show ever was at the Labyrinth in Detroit in 1998.
It was a Tuesday, but I was opening for the awesome band, Kevorkian Death Cycle.
My demo album, "Embryonic", was finally ready for release, and with it's original black and white cover, I had several copies ready for distribution. Although the audience was very sparse, several friends and fellow musicians came out to support my night, and I was happy to be on stage again with my new project (following my pre-Chiasm project "Electrophoretic Transfer", which had last played nearly 9 months earlier). I remember the members of KDC really enjoyed my stage video, which so happened to include some footage of Dr. Kevorkian's televised assisted suicide. This was also the first and only time Chiasm has performed with a live drummer..I think the venue scared him away and he was never seen again.. Anyhow, I had a great night and was just really excited to have my music heard.